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Irene’s story

I had such an enormous urge to be touched. I hadn’t been touched by a man since my divorce. I felt like I was about to burst sometimes. Of course I could pleasure myself, but it wasn’t the same. And because I certainly didn’t feel like dating yet, I looked for another way. Well, on a hunch I came across your website. What you wrote really resonated with me! I already love getting massages anyway. And if the massage also goes beyond what I normally don’t think about at all, yes ..

You came in with a big suitcase and all your stuff. After you had everything ready, you first wanted to discuss what to do. “What do you need?” you asked me. “I need a man’s hands.” I giggled, a little nervous. “Ha ha, surely I have those. But what do you want me to do with them?”, you smiled. “I want you to touch me everywhere.” “Also on your buttocks, your breasts? Your vagina? Inside or outside?” “Yes, all of them!” I sighed softly. I was surprised how exciting, but especially fun I found it to talk about this.

“I think it’s important to say that I’m not here for myself, but for you. You can indicate here and now what you want me to do with you and what not. I also want to say that I’m not going to fuck. I’m here only to please you. And that can take many other forms.”

“I understand.” “If you want something during the massage, tell me. If you want me to stop doing something, tell me too. I want you to be able to focus 100% on your own pleasure and to feel safe. If for any reason you want me to stop, I will stop. Do you understand that?”

“Yes, I do.” Somehow I found it extremely exciting how firm he was in his emphasis on my safety and my wishes. My ex was never firm and was not at all concerned with my wishes, only with his. This is so different and so hot, I thought.

I lay down, first just on my stomach. You put on some sensual music and covered me with a towel. The massage started a little vanilla, but very nice. Your hands slid down my back, kneaded my shoulders and neck, caressed my arms and hands. It started as a normal massage, but oh so nice! Slowly I slipped into a relaxed slumber. I let the caresses go over me. Until I noticed that your hands were just a little more sensual than I was used to with normal massages. With little hints you let me know that this massage was different. Your fingers slid over places that are usually not touched. They caressed the side of my breasts, hinted at my buttocks, slid super short through or along my buttock seam. I felt all kinds of tingles go through my body. Your hands touched me with exciting manliness. They made me feel who made the choices here. They pushed me forcefully into the table, which made me feel relaxed and safe. I felt an intense strength in those hands, despite the fact that they caressed me softly and decisively. When my neck and shoulders were wonderfully loosened, and you had even treated my arms and hands, your hands descended lower and lower to my lower back. I didn’t know I had so much tension there, so what you did was very welcome. Slowly but surely you let your hands slide further down. I noticed that the towel had been pushed down, exposing my buttocks. So exciting! With your fingers you followed the contours of my buttocks, the curves. Gently your fingers slid between my buttocks. while this was happening, your fingers kept passing my anus. A shiver went through my body, I involuntarily moaned. Softly you whispered: “Do you like it when I do this?” I couldn’t say anything, but nodded.

Your hands kept sliding over my buttocks in a fantastic and sensual way. Sometimes soft and caressing, sometimes deep and powerful. Sometimes with small circular movements, sometimes with straight strokes. Sometimes you let both hands encompass the entire buttocks, then slid your fingers down under my body, feeling you gently caress my groin and almost my pubic mound. I felt you lift my hips when you raised your hands. Then your fingers ran down the bottom of my buttocks to my hole again. What you did there felt incredible. Sometimes with very gentle pressure and sometimes a little deeper, your knuckle almost slid in. You slid your fingers even lower, caressing my perineum and very light hints to the underside of my labia. I felt that I had already gotten all wet there. And how your fingers, moistened by this, climbed up my buttocks again.

After you had been busy for a while, you put the towel back on my back, starting at my legs. Both my legs were exposed, and I felt how the bottom of my buttocks were also exposed. With the same gentle, powerful movements you took turns massaging both my legs. I could sense that you also massage athletes. The tension in my calves and thighs disappeared like snow in the sun. My feet were not forgotten either. I didn’t discuss it with you, but touching my feet makes me so horny. It was as if you sensed this, as you ran your hands over the instep and sole of my foot, ran your fingers between my toes and in a sensual way let me descend even further in relaxation. Almost every time you massaged my thighs, your hands and fingers passed over my labia. You did this almost casually, and so occasionally that it almost seemed like it was by accident. But although of course I realized this, it still felt exciting. Now that you had massaged my legs and feet, you massaged both my legs at the same time. Both your hands alternately slid down the outside or inside of my leg from top to bottom. Sometimes around my buttocks or over my buttocks and down again. Sometimes they would, and sometimes your thumbs would not tease the inside of my thighs, the outside of my labia, along my perineum with a light pressure and around my asshole to continue their way again. You can imagine that I was already quite wet between my legs. And I felt a small trickle of fluid seeping down between my thighs.

You now removed the towel completely from me and let both hands slide long strokes over my body from my neck to my feet. Sometimes you did that on the top, or on the side and sometimes you let your oiled hands disappear half under my body. Under my shoulders, the side of my breasts, under my belly along my groin under my hips and upper legs and my lower legs. I had never been touched so sensually.

“Are you ready to turn around? Or do you want to be massaged a little more on your back?

“I want to turn around.”

When I was lying on my back you put a pillow under my buttocks and the towel over me. And gently you began to massage the front of my legs. Very chaste at first, and purely focused on relaxation. This already felt wonderful, but also like a kind of foreplay. Even on my shins and on the inside of my calves you managed to suggest that you wanted to pleasure me with this. Teasingly you ran your fingers over my feet and toes, moved your little fingers between my toes, and then let your hands slide up to my thighs. There the sensual massage continued, with firm and strong, but gentle stroking and kneading, with the inner thighs receiving extra attention. Little by little you pushed it apart and let your fingers slide along or over my soaking wet pussy. Often you hinted in those movements that your fingers could easily enter my vagina, but this did not happen yet. However, your fingers regularly caught on the tip of my clitoris, causing electrical currents of excitement throughout my body. Then you pulled the towel down exposing my stomach and breasts. You used warm oil to grease my breasts and stomach all over. Then you walked with those signature soft and powerful movements with hands and fingers that made my whole body tremble. It felt so wonderful and beneficial when you gave my breasts a blissful massage. Sometimes you paid attention to the entire breast, sometimes you focused on the nipples and areola, stroking and gently kneading or pulling. I can tell you, I have never been touched in such a way before. These touches alone almost made me cum!

I don’t know how long everything lasted, it seemed endless, everything was so delicious, but then you pulled the towel away from me and lowered your hands to my hips. You massaged it firmly and forcefully and ran your hands around and around my hips, buttocks and thighs, not forgetting my pussy. I had often moaned with pleasure during the massage and occasionally you would have asked “Do you like this?” All I could utter was a moan of pleasure or a nod, but you got my point. Then you started blowing. You gently rested your hands on my hips and blew sensually on my stomach, my groin, my vagina and my thighs. No one had ever done this before and it felt amazing! Your fingers began to follow your breath and slid along and over my pussy lips. I find it difficult to describe what happened there, but it was amazing in one word! Every square millimeter of my vagina was caressed, gently kneaded, teased, and stimulated with fast, slow, deep, smooth, and sensual movements.

I feel like my orgasm lasted for hours. You kept on touching, moving your hands away from my cunt a few times just before I would come. Then you gave some attention to my buttocks, my legs or my breasts, so that the feeling subsided for a while. But in the end you kept going. With your fingers you stimulated my g-spot, my labia and my clit and suddenly I couldn’t hold it anymore and waves of pleasure shuddered through my body. Wave after wave engulfed me and I couldn’t stop gasping as they rippled through me. With your hands you caressed my whole body once again, now as a calm aftercare and quiet winding down after so much intense pleasure. “Would you like to feel calm for a while? Try to embody this fine after-energy, give it a place in your body where you can find it. It can be nice to briefly contract and release your muscles in your pelvis one by one. Just see what works for you.” “I’ll wait here for a while until you’re ready.”

Ten minutes later you were gone, but I reminisced long after you were gone. Hope you come back soon!