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Bas’s Story

I don’t remember which one of us came up with the idea, but suddenly he showed up at our door. With all his stuff it was a bit of a hassle before he had installed himself in our bedroom. His professional massage table just fit, so that it could still be walked around, but it was tight.

We had a short conversation before he started to discuss our wishes with him. Of course we had already asked in advance whether our idea was something he could work with. That I would watch him erotically massage my wife. He had never done it that way before, but it didn’t seem like a problem to him.

In the conversation he clearly indicated that he did not come here for his own pleasure. That he naturally enjoyed his work, but did not come to satisfy his needs and therefore did not have to be touched himself. But that if we wanted to continue together in the moment, this was up to us.

He started the massage with my wife on her stomach. First he massaged the back, shoulders and arms. Then he slowly began to slide the towel down and massage her buttocks. I watched him slide his hand over her curves, sliding his fingers through her butt crack, and teasingly fingering her butt hole. I could see from her body language that she already felt this very exciting. She moved her buttocks in a way I recognized as excitement. I also saw that she sometimes sighed deeply when he stimulated her anus. His fingers sometimes slid a little further over her perineum. I noticed that he occasionally slid along the bottom of her vulva. I found it extremely exciting to see her being groped like that by a stranger.

From the buttocks he now moved upwards again. But his hands now get a new load I saw that he caressed her back and neck and ass more sensually and didn’t forget the side of her body and her tits. Sometimes his hands disappeared under her body from the side. I saw him running his fingers along and under her breasts and also under her hips caressing her groin and pubic mound. Every now and then I saw a shiver go through my wife that made me very horny to see.
He started massaging her legs. At first it was quite a normal massage on her calves and upper legs, but soon I saw that here too his hands went higher and higher through her thighs. From where I sat on the bed I couldn’t tell if she was wet yet, but I was pretty sure. And I saw her body language that she enjoyed it, and also that she found it very exciting.

After a while asked her to turn around. Seeing her naked body lying on the massage table looked amazing. When I turned around I saw that she was indeed quite wet between her legs. And I could tell by her erect nipples. The masseur continued with her legs, now at the front. And here too I saw that he kept slipping his hands between her legs. He also pushed her legs apart a little now, so that I could see her glistening pussy lips a little better. A moment later he removed the towel completely and I saw her breathing quicken with excitement. He slid his hands upwards and started on her breasts and belly. “Do you like this? “He asked. “Yes, very much.”

“How do you feel about your husband watching?” “I find it so horny!”
“It’s just an idea, but do you want him to join me?

We hadn’t discussed that beforehand, but the idea excited me enormously. My wife looked at me with such a horny look and said “Yes!”
“You saw how I just massaged the legs. If you continue with that, I’ll do the upper body.”

My wife almost trembled with pleasure. I massaged her leg, indeed just as he had. With long strokes and movements from the feet to the hips, always paying attention to her wet cunt. Meanwhile he massaged her breasts, her belly, her thighs, and also he regularly passed his hand through her wet slit. It was incredibly exciting to see my wife get horny with two pairs of hands.

“Let’s switch places.” No sooner said than done, and we switched places. Now I could touch her tits and I didn’t let myself be told twice. I love to take those warm soft balls in my hand and I already had a big bulb in my pants. I had watched his art for a while. because he used moves I didn’t know yet. Meanwhile he had arrived at her wet cunt. With different movements he stimulated her clit, her labia, and I couldn’t see it exactly but I think he also regularly puts the tip of his middle finger in her anus. I had never seen my wife so horny. I also noticed it in her left hand, which groped for the bulge in my pants. “Do you mind if I touch him?” she asked him. “Go ahead.” he said smiling.

I quickly pulled down my pants and she started pulling my rock hard cock, while she was further pleasured in her crotch by the masseur.
We were so busy for a while when my wife said: “I want to feel you inside me”. I looked at her fondly, but with a third person in the room it was a bit strange.
“As far as I’m concerned, you can fuck. Do you want me to leave the room until you’re done, or should I keep massaging while you’re at it?”

We had not thought in advance that this could happen. I looked at my wife and in her eyes I saw that she was dying to be touched by a stranger while her husband was fucking her. “Do you want to keep massaging her while we fuck?” I asked hoarsely. He nodded and went back to the headboard, where he started massaging her breasts again. I pulled her down a bit so that I could easily enter her and moved my rock hard cock over her soaking wet cunt a few times. I tickled the tip of her clitoris with my head and felt her quiver with pleasure. Slowly I teased her by inserting the tip of my head halfway into her hole and quickly pulling back. Then I couldn’t hold back any longer and thrust my cock into her inviting cunt. With long strokes I fucked her horny slit while the masseur kneaded her big tits, rubbed them, pulled her nipples and more. Every now and then he lowered his hands to her groin and moved his hand close to my thrusting penis to touch her clitoris. Through small circles, gentle sweeps, and even a gentle tug, I could tell my wife was about to come. I picked up the pace. Normally I would just cool down a bit and let her relax for a while, but she was jumping so much that I couldn’t stop. A few seconds later, she arched her back and screamed in delight. Almost at the same time I couldn’t hold it anymore and sprayed her horny cunt full of my cum. I had the feeling of spraying myself completely empty, that’s how intense our orgasms were.

I don’t remember exactly what happened after that. I believe he caressed my wife all over her body. After a while she got up and walked downstairs with me. A little later the masseur appeared there with his stuff. We paid him and he left us with a smile. My wife and I kept glowing for hours.