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Erotic Massage for Ladies

*The* site for sensual massage treatments in the Wassenaar and Leiden area.

erotic massage for ladies, erotic massage for women, Wassenaar, Leiden areaAt Erotic Massage for Ladies we focus on giving you pleasure. Receiving a massage can be very effective, but it can also be wonderfully pleasurable. That’s why we have been advancing ourselves in this area. Since 2019 we give sensual massages for women, where we focus on relaxation, discretion and pleasure.

What’s an erotic massage?

An erotic massage is literally a full body massage, including a massage of the buttocks, a breast massage and a yoni massage. It can be given both with or without an orgasm. Our erotic massage for women is based on a relaxation massage. That’s why we begin our massages by relaxing the whole body. Firstly we focus on massaging both the back and the front of the body, where it is possible to treat any knots, injuries or anything that you and your body needs. This way the massage is not only pleasurable, but also effective. The secret to a good massage is an easy build-up of relaxation and sensuality and not wanting to rush things. The massage we will give you will not only have the perfect build-up, but will also be matched to your any wishes and requests.

Why should I have an erotic massage?

An erotic massage is the perfect choice for you at any moment. Most women like to have this massage because they lack sexual contact or just want to be the centre of attention for once. They like not having to think too much for a while or they just feel like having one.

And wouldn’t you agree how nice it would be to have a thorough professional relaxation massage, where every part of your body gets attention. You do not have to wait for your body to get tense to have a massage. The most important thing is that you desire to have one!

How does it work?

To us it’s really important that you feel safe and respected. So if you prefer to meet and talk before the appointment, you are most welcome to do so. We can meet either on Skype or Zoom or in real life. You can get to know us and you can judge if you feel alright undergoing a sensual massage. If you’re into it, we can make an appointment. We can either visit you in your own home in the Wassenaar/Leiden area, in which case we bring all the gear we need for your massage, or we can meet in a colleague’s massage room in Leiden. Before we’ll massage you, we’ll discuss your boundaries and the things you’d like us to do or don’t. We’ll ready the massage table and set the mood and we’ll start the massage. Pleasure and sensuality guaranteed!